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Concealed & Tree Rods


Thru-Wall or Thru-Roof Cable Connector

Thru-Wall or Thru-Roof Cable Connector Combination copper or aluminum connector used for thru the wall or roof penetration giving rigid attachment on both surfaces. These assemblies may be used in masonry construction with one end concealed. Both ends supplied with cable clamp connectors, stainless steel nuts and washers.

Rod length 12” (8” useable length) - other lengths available, add $1.00 per inch for copper—.80 for aluminum.


Catalog  # C-35        $ 22.95


Catalog # A-35      $ 17.95 


Longer lengths available in Copper $ 1.00 per inch. .80 in aluminum

Through the Roof Lightning Rod

Concealed Lightning Rod assembly in copper or aluminum. Consists of 12” lightning rod with balance of rod threaded for roof insert. Nuts and washers draw tight to prevent leak, includes TEE for inside cable connection as shown.

Copper Conductor Cable:

# C-34-24  12” Lightning Rod above roof - 12” under roof. (24” total length) $ 29.00

#C-34-30  12” above roof—18” under roof  (30” total length)  $ 34.00

# C-34-36  12” above roof—24” under Roof. (36” total length)  $ 40.00

Aluminum Conductor Cable:

# A-34-24    $ 23.50

# A-34-30   $ 27.50

# A-34-36   $ 31.50 

Longer length’s are available. Please specify Rod Lengths needed above and below roof. Longer length rods in copper are $1.00 per inch. & 0.80 in aluminum

Tree Lightning Rods and Installation Details
Note: Aluminum Equipment should not be used in trees—Tree sap is destructive to aluminum.
Tree Lightning Rod

Copper cable and grounding equipment can be Ordered from Lightning Equipment page 2 Copper Lightning Rod assembly consists of 36 Inch lightning rod with bolt tension cable connector base.

Furnished complete with wood screws in base.

(NOTE: Aluminum not recommended for tree’s)


# C-36  (30” long) $ 39.50


Longer lengths available $1.00 per inch.

Tree Drive Cable Holders

Cast copper bronze tree drive to hold cable and lightning rod to the tree. Simply drive holder in tree and compress ear around cable

- Holds firm to cable but allows movement for growth or wind sway


# C-37      $ 2.40

Bolted Cable Clamp

General purpose clamp with stainless steel bolt used to connect all cables.

# C-10   >>>  $ 6.75
Copper Nails

2 inches long Copper 

# C-11  >>>  $0.12 each
Economy Cable Strap

Copper loop fastener has 1/8” hole for copper Nail or Screws.

# C-2  >>>  $ 0.30
Ground Rods

Ground Rod is 1/2” x 8’ long made of copper clad hardened steel. Long life corrosion resistant.

Note: Never connect aluminum underground.

#C-22  8’ Ground Rod  $19.00

(Note: Additional shipping due to high shipping costs,  ground rods may be available locally at less cost).

Ground Rod Clamps

Used for connecting copper cable to ground rod. Will fit 1/2” - 5/8” - 3/4” ground rods. Two stainless steel bolts with 2” contact length along axis of the grounding rod.

#C-23-A for 1/2” or 5/8” rods  $11.00

#C-23-B for 3/4” ground rods    $12.00
Copper Ground Plate with Clamp

2 sq ft x 0.032 thick copper flat plate. Comes complete with attached clamp for ground cable

#C-24    $62.00

Use in place of Ground Rods where shallow top soil is encountered - For soil depths of 1 to 2 ft.

Tree Installation Details

Note 1: Locate ground approximately at branch line to avoid root damage. Install ground rod below edge of outer branches- bury cable and rod, connect below ground.

1. Main trunk air terminal (Rod's)

2. Main down cable

3. Branch air terminal (Rod's)

4. Branch cables

5. Drive type cable clip at 3 ft

6. Splicer (clamp)

7. Ground rod and clamp

8. A slender pine or palm tree usually would only require one  lightning Rod

9. Tree with a trunk diameter exceeding 3 ft. should have two cables down to two ground rods as widely separated as possible.

10. Only copper materials should be used in tree’s.


Help protect your  maintenance personnel that are working on commercial type flat roof’s from injury and liability —Copper fixture fit’s over top of  3/8” and 1/2” diameter copper Lightning Rods.—$9.75—Sample mailed for $12.00 post paid.  (Set screw holds tight to the rod)

Not yet available in aluminum but we do have Blunt Tipped aluminum rods which you can replace for .80 per inch.


#17-Z - 12” Lightning Rod for Standing Seam Roof in Copper $32.00

#A17-Z in Aluminum $25.60

Firmly bolts to roof seam with two stainless steel bolts. Comes complete with Lightning Rod, Cable clamp and swivel mount to keep rod plumb on sloped roof.

#17-18-Z In Copper with 18” rod $38.00

In Aluminum #A17-18-Z $30.00

Stands for Tall Rods

18” Solid Copper Scroll Stand $79.00

24” Solid Copper Scroll Stand $89.00

18” Solid Copper plain stand $29.00

24” Solid Copper plain stand $35.00

36” Solid Copper plain stand $49.00

18” Aluminum Scroll stand $39.00

24” Aluminum Scroll stand $49.00

18” Plated Steel plain stand $ 25.00

24” Plated Steel plain stand $ 29.00

36” Plated Steel plain stand $ 39.00

Other sizes up to 48” available by special order
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